Understanding Keno Odds

The game of Keno is very much like playing the lottery, and players should understand the best Keno odds available in order to win, play keno at unlimitedgamestop.com website for good bonuses. The odds are not complicated or difficult to understand, but doing so can help players make smarter bets.

The House Edge

It is no secret that casinos have the highest house edge on Keno games, play Keno at Global Live Casino. This is likely due to the fact that Keno is a leisurely game that is often played in conjunction with other, more elite games. On average, the house edge in a game of Keno is between 15 and 25 percent--extremely high. This does not mean that the casino is taking $25.00 for every $100.00 spent right off the top, however. In fact, players would often have to play the Keno odds for a very long period of time in order to see the high end of the house edge. For games with a much lower house edge, many players flock to slots online which is fun to play with.

Keno Ticket Payouts

Every keno game is different, so players should look for casinos--whether online or otherwise--that offer the best Keno odds, you can also try video slots game. The amount that the casino is willing to pay winners as compared to the price paid for the ticket has a lot to do with how much money a player can win, so it is very important to research different casinos and choose the ones that offer the highest payoffs for the smallest ticket prices. Online Keno casinos have much better odds than bricks-and-mortar casinos due to decreases in overhead costs.

Keno is a leisurely game that is played both in-house and online by millions of people annually, go for casino with good banking options. Keno players should always take the time to read, review and employ strategies that provide them with the best Keno odds.